Australia labour market, jobs report, for May ... HUGE beats

Employment Change: +115.2K

  • expected +30K, prior -30.6K

Unemployment Rate: 5.1%, much lower despite a higher participatiion rate

  • expected 5.5%, prior 5.5%

Full-Time Employment Change: +97.5K

  • prior was +33.8K

Part-Time Employment Change: +17.7K

  • prior was -64.4K

Participation Rate: 66.2%

  • expected 66.1%, prior was 66.0%

Big job gains. Good news for the economy. If wage gains were evident also (they are curently not) the RBA would be happy as that'd be a move towards hitting their inflaiton goal also (eventually). Employment is now above its pre-pandemic highest level .

More (adding to the good news in this release):

  • Underemployment has fallen to its lowest since 2014 at 7.4%
  • Underutilisation rate down to 12.5%, lowest since 2013
  • Hours worked +1.4% (prior -0.7%)

AUD/USD added half a cent or so, as I update its come back a little, still higher after the data release though.