Could it have been from bat soup

Could it have been from bat soup

The Sun has some particularly unappetizing images of bat soup that's said to be served at the Wuhan market where coronavirus is believed to have originated.

The early cases of the virus have been tracked back to the market and now scientists are trying to figure out the source.

The market has been closed since January 1 by authorities and a 61-year-old man and regular shopper at the market was the first to be killed by it.

Bats were the source of SARS, which was then believed to be spread to weasel-like mammals called masked palm civets and then humans.

If this disease was also originated in fruit bats as some scientists believe, it's difficult but not impossible that it may have then directly infected people via a concoction like the one shown here. Alternatively, there may have been a vector. Experts have found that snakes are susceptible to the virus and they may have eaten infected bats. Snakes are sold at the market.

What does this have to do with markets? Nothing at all but US equities are remarkably back to unchanged on the day as the market grapples with how to price in a possible pandemic.