At a briefing in Beijing (reported via Bloomberg), comments that "China's economic statistics are true and reliable"

Comments from former head of the National Bureau of Statistics Ma Jiantang and State Council Research Office deputy director Huang Shouhong


  • Higher or lower GDP growth are both acceptable for China as long as it remains within the range of 6.5%-7%
  • China's GDP target will be "more and more flexible"
  • China's future targets will be general guidelines


Aside from the 'true and reliable' remarks (I have to say I don't believe them, but I wish them well regardless) the other comments are interesting too.

The 'range is 'flexible' and 'general guidelines'' ... that's pretty much been demonstrated in the past as targets have been missed anyway. the idea that a huge country and economy like China's can be a command economy is not feasible, to me anyway. Maybe the planners disagree.