Currently trading above $9,700

The gain in the crytopcurrency is now well over 870% for the year. Over 870%, that's just staggering even for a triple-digit return on investment.

The thing about something being speculative and not by-the-book is that where or how do you put a stop to it? The funny thing is even in the midst of the hysteria and ever-increasing volatility, people are still trying to find ways to invest into Bitcoin.

Non-believers are starting to rethink their ideals, while those who see their friends getting into it want to do so as well (FOMO at play). Heck, I've even got a friend a couple of months back who invested a great deal of money just to start mining it - and we were talking about it being near $5,000 at the time. Could you imagine that?

Meanwhile, Wall Street players are caught between not wanting to endorse something like this (think Mr. Jamie Dimon), but also wanting to satisfy their clients who actually do want to be part of the action.

Whatever it is, the hysteria is still ongoing. While yes, there may be a time for the Bitcoin "bubble" to burst - but right now, there still potentially could be more upside to come even as we approach $10,000.

Here's a post from Adam four years ago about Bitcoin. And yes, he called it again. ;)