CANCELED: Due to unscheduled meetings, I will need to cancel my Traders Course webinar today, and give it instead on Tuesday at 4 PM.

So sorry for the inconvenience. Below will be the topic and the link to register. Thank you…


The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski

Topic: “Making insignificant, significant”


In the last webinar, I warned that retail traders need to avoid the blow up trades in order to survive and gave a list of ways to “stay in the game”.

Many retail traders feel that regardless of the blow up trades, that the deck is still stacked against them. That is, the institutions, larger traders or “Big Boys” will win in the long run, at the expense of the retail trader. The retail trader is therefore somewhat insignificant.

The “Big Boy”s do have a distinct advantage over retail, but that does not mean you are destined to fail. So what is the solution that will allow retail traders to become significant in the forex market.

In this webinar, I will look at this problem and propose solutions for this retail trader dilemma. It is not as hard as you think.

Join me on Tuesday and find out.