Mike had some of this earlier, here (including a very useful link to Reuters on the data)

Fixed Assets Ex Rural YTD y/y for August, +16.5%

  • expected 16.9%, prior was 17.0%

Retail Sales YTD y/y for August,+12.1%

  • expected 12.2%, prior was 12.1%

Retail Sales y/y for August,+11.9%

  • expected 12.1%, prior was 12.2%

Industrial Production YTD y/y for August,+8.5%

  • expected 8.8%, prior was 8.8%

Industrial Production y/y for August, 6.9%

  • expected 8.8%, prior was 9.0%

These numbers have weighed on the Australian dollar and oil in early trading. This story is also weighing.