Reuters reports, citing sources familiar with the matter

The antitrust case against Google is said to be proposed by Huawei, with China's top market regulator submitting the proposed case to the state council for review.

The probe will be looking into allegations that Google has leveraged the dominance of its Android mobile operating system to stifle competition, with a decision on whether to proceed with a formal investigation to possibly come as soon as October.

The sources also add that a potential probe would also look at accusations that Google's market position could cause "extreme damage" to Chinese companies like Huawei.

Well, this just adds to the ongoing rift between the US and China on tech firms as seen with the Trump administration having put Huawei on a trade blacklist and ordering ByteDance to divest its TikTok application.

So, this is pretty much China firing back amid the recent escalation in tensions.

Google shares are now down 1.8% in pre-market trading, for those interested.