More from the Wall Street Journal. It says:

  • China’s slowdown in growth will boost pressure to dial up stimulus, dial back reforms
  • That China’s premier and central bank chief underscored their focus on growth, telling business leaders at a conference that they would use monetary policy or “slightly bigger adjustment” measures if growth slips below acceptable levels
  • Plans announced already to build more railways and cut some taxes
  • China’s critics also argue that in recent months Beijing has devalued its currency to help out troubled exporters


“Growth is lower than the official estimates,” said Qinwei Wang, a Capital Economics economist, but he says the slowdown “wasn’t as bad as people feared; it isn’t a hard landing.”

Article is here: China’s Slowdown Likely to Spur Stimulus, Not Reforms (The Wall Street Journal is often gated, so if you’re unable to access the article try a search of Google news using the headline)