Your economic data/event calendar for today 3 Oct 2016

Greetings one and all

Heady days indeed as we enter into a new month. USA win the Ryder Cup for the first time since 2008, Theresa May nails down the Article 50 trigger date and IG pays out £40m on a not too dissimilar forex site. Eamonn's heading up to Kings Cross as I type!

Data wise we get final PMIs from EZ then the UK mftg reading. ISM data from the US follows after that.

At the UK Conservative Party conference fin min Hammond will set out his game plan on managing the country's finances. I'll get the exact timing of that once I get the sleepy stuff out of my eyes! Got it, somewhere around 11.30 GMT

As always I wish you a good session and successful week/month ahead.

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