Welcome to the central bank guessing game merry-go-round (carousel for our US speaking readers)

We're playing a game of who leads who right now and I'm almost tempted to switch off the trading platforms and come back in a week's time. Markets are becoming quiet difficult right now as direction is changing like the weather.

The US dollar is said to be selling off as Treasury yields fall further. Stocks are now up on the day too over there.

That's leading to the dollar pairs losing ground elsewhere too. EURUSD has run to a new high at 1.1273 (Greg's got that one under his wing), and cable is back up and troubling 1.3200.

USDJPY has bounced a touch from the new recent low of 102.31. The only USD trade holding up is USDCAD but that's in bed with oil right now.

European stocks have finished with modest gains or losses at the close.

  • FTSE +0.3%

  • Cac -0.2%

  • Dax +0.1%

  • Ibex -0.5%

  • FTSE Mib -0.1%