Trudeau is posting pictures of himself all over

At just 43-years-old new Canadian Prime Minister is one of the youngest world leaders. And he's also a taste of what's to come as the iGeneration begins to take power.

As of Friday, he'd updated his Facebook page 23 times since he was elected Tuesday night.

But the narcissistic self-promotion of it all is a different topic. What I want to talk about is his office, which is shown in one of the updates.

He's rocking three separate landlines but only one computer monitor. And it looks like it's only about 22-inches.

Get outta here.

I don't have staff in Montreal, but if I did every single person would have at least 2 monitors, probably 4. A second monitor is a $100 upgrade and even if it only increases your productivity by 1% it pays for itself 100 times.

I assume he will be moving into a new office soon so someone get that guy a CPU upgrade. The future of the country depends on it.