Welcome to Friday ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it will be China, China, China again today.

Unfortunately the circuit breakers seem to have been abandoned on the Chinese stock markets, so it looks like we might have to work a full day. Bummer.

A reminder of what will be moving the markets today - the yuan mid point fixing comes just after 0115GMT, Chinese stock markets open at 0130GMT

If you're having a nap (a sterling idea!), set your alarms.

Data due today:

2230GMT - Australia - AiG Construction PMI, prior was 50.7

0030GMT - Australia - Retail Sales for November, expected is +0.4%, prior was 0.5% (I'll have some on this soon)

0130GMT - Japan - Wages data:

  • Labor cash earnings for November y/y, expected is +0.7% and prior was +0.7%
  • Real Cash earnings y/y, prior was +0.4%