Traders aren't convinced that Lagarde will move away from Draghi's dovish monetary policy stance

Germany's 10-year bond yields

That and ongoing concerns about the health of the global economy is continuing to drive bond yields lower in the European morning. 10-year bund yields just hit a fresh record low and are joined by record lows in French, Netherlands, Belgium and Spanish yields as well.

Of note, Belgium 10-year bond yields are the latest to join the "under 0%" club. In turn, the sentiment here is driving US Treasury yields to session lows as well with 10-year yields down by 3.3 bps to 1.94%. Meanwhile, 30-year Treasury yields are down by 2.5 bps to 2.476%, the lowest level since October 2016.

The mood in the bond market is keeping the yen underpinned as we begin the session with USD/JPY holding lower at 107.62 currently.