If at first you don't succeed, try again 16 May

EURUSD has decent offers/sell interest/ resistance around 1.1050 and the first attempt failed as I reported and hopefully earned some pips. Or the chance to get long again cheaper.

Currently 1.1054 we've haven't exactly cleared the hurdle yet. We always have to allow some wiggle room and the chance for buyers to succeed in driving it higher. If they don't then sheer volume of supply along with intraday momentum/TA will ultimately prevail and they'll be forced to give up, albeit temporarily.

I remain a dip buyer on EUR pairs in general but I happy to trim a little up here. EURGBP has sell interest/res into 0.8580 and 0.8600 and that might also help slow down the progress but both underpinned overall.

1.1030-80 should cover EURUSD for the moment.