PARIS (MNI) – Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday
that he hoped the EU summit in Brussels would produce an accord of all
27 member states, but if necessary the 17 Eurozone states could proceed
with a deal among themselves.

“There has to be a deal,” Luxembourg’s prime minister said in an
interview on France Info radio.

Juncker said it remained unclear whether there was sufficient
unanimity among 27 EU member states to achieve an overall accord. He
said he was particularly concerned about Britain’s position heading into
the summit.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday that he
would insist on safeguards for UK national interests at the summit,
particularly for its financial services industry.

Juncker said the question of eurobonds was “not on the table” this
week, although it was something that should be explored once economic
governance in the Eurozone was strengthened.

He added that while the summit would address key structural
issues in the Eurozone, the value of the euro “was not a risk” in the

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