Forex trading headlines for Asia Monday 22 September 2014



The NZD/USD opened stronger in Asia this morning after the weekend election returned PM Key to office (see bullets, above). After a few hours of sideways it gained 30-off points to test towards Friday’s high around 0.8170 and has stabilised below there as i write. The election result removes one item of doubt for the kiwi, now its back to dairy prices, the RBNZ rate hike schedule and the Federal Reserve rate hike schedule as major items.

The AUD gained a little on the session too, up around 30 points from early lows and stable below the session high as I write. China concerns continue to wieht on it at the start of a new week, with plenty of China news about (again, see bullets, above).

Apart from the AUD and NZD the USD lost ground against the EUR, GBP, CAD and yen also today, all with reasonable ranges (for this timezone). Gold got sold in the Asian morning, losing around $10 but has recovered around 50% of the drop as of writing.

Oil was down around 50cents from late US levels on Friday.