Forex news for Asia trading on Friday 15 October 2021

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is said to be not opposing BTC futures ETF trading, this clears the way for launch. News comes via various sources. After languishing sub-US$ 58K and towards $57K for much of the session this lit a fire under BTC, it surged above $58.5K as I am writing ... and above $59K as I publish. The timing for launch of the first ETF looks to be as soon as Monday next week. An early heads up to this was given during the US timezone:

Forex news for Asia trading onFriday15October 2021

China provided plenty of news, most notably a 500m yuan medium-term lending facility to prompt more bank lending was issued. News also hit that financial regulators had instructed some of the big banks in the country to ease mortgage lending rules - the instruction was issued in late September to encourage house buyers to borrow through Q4. As part of the encouragement to lenders they are permitted to sell securities backed by residential mortgages (RMBS) to free up loan quotas, this practice had been banned earlier this year.

On the FX front EUR/USD and USD/JPY were gainers (hence EUR/JPY ... other yen crosses also did well). NZD & GBP also crept higher but AUD lagged.

Still to come on Friday US time: