EUR/USD closed in NY around 1.3250 but persistent buying from a Swiss name, thought to be EUR/CHF related, has helped the pair move higher in holiday-thinned markets. Ranges: EUR/USD 1.3248/1.3311; EUR/CHF 1.3211/66

USD/JPY opened in Asia at 85.15 and the market had expected some BoJ bids at 85.00 but when they did not materialise, the pair slid and triggered stops below 84.80. Ranges: 84.78/85.18, EUR/JPY 112.79/99

AUD/USD has also moved gradually higher in line with the weaker US dollar but rumours that the RBA was checking rates around 85.80 helped put a session top in place. Ranges: .9529/82

Cable has followed a similar path to the EUR/USD with the EUR/GBP cross trading in a fairly tight range. Ranges: Cable 1.5605/65, EUR/GBP .8490/.8510