9/11 – Lest We Forget

Forex trading headlines from the European session 11 Sept



On this auspcious day we have seen a mixed bag of a session with plenty of movement to grab hold of and 6 year highs of 107.16 on USDJPY

The march higher on this pair has been relentless of late picking up bids in every dip and forcing its way to highs not seen since Sept 2008. Yen pairs have generally had a good morning with EURJPY and GBPJPY posting 138.42 and 174.08 but AUDJPY has taken a tumble to 97.70 as the Aussie $ gets a slap after its rally on the ludicrous jobs data overnight

The pound has had another good session overall but not without a few wobbles with cable rallies to 1.6250 retreating to 1.6223 only to surge again to 1.6265 before falling back toward 1.6235. EURGBP has chewed its way through bids to 0.7948 but holding up for the moment as EURUSD also finds buyers in the dip after highs of 1.2940 following lows of 1.2898 early in the session.

USDCAD has ground its way higher to 1.1014 from 1.0965 after holding decent support at 1.0930 in Asia while NZDUSD has also suffered on the USD dominance to 0.8160 before finding a few buyers.

A lively session so far and no doubt will continue, but our thoughts will also remain with those that went to work 13 years ago never to return home.