A look at Halloween prices

The St Louis Fed is out with some topical research today as they look at the costs of candy and costumes on Halloween.

The good news is that if you're buying candy to hand out, prices have been roughly flat since 2015. That comes after about a 35% rise from 2000-2011. The good news might not last for long, however, as they report that the producer prices of chocolate and confectionary manufacturing have been rising at a faster pace since 2012.

On costumes, meanwhile, there is no line on the consumer side but the producers prices of costumes are climbing and are up nearly 10% since 2012.

All that said, according to my own anecdotal research, buying candy at Halloween (and even moreso immediately afterwards) is extremely cheap and I'm amazed at the quality of costumes you can get for a kid for $20.

You know who never has to worry about inflation at Halloween? The kids; candy is still free at every house in the neighbourhood.

What should I get for the kids this year?