BOE governor Carney being interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Today at 07.10 GMT

I heard the news while listening earlier and posted on it in the UK HPI story but just highlighting again now for those who don't bother reading my posts all the way to the bottom.

The interview on Radio 4 is scheduled to give Carney's current " thoughts on the economy" and comes in sync with the current 2-day conference the BOE are hosting to celebrate 20 years of independence.

Yesterday Carney fired a warning shot across the bows of the UK govt saying mon pol alone can not totally limit Brexit fall out while May retorted that the govt needs to mitigate BOE policy. Meeooow.

Let's see what he has to say today both on the radio and later at the conference.

GBPUFSD meanwhile is ranging 1.3400-50 as we wait on Carney and final Q2 GDP. A break of either side should see knee-jerk acceleration. Sell rallies/buy dips. Take your pick. You know my preferred side by now.

Today's BOE conference schedule: (BST)