Ireland's Coveney says the Brexit deal that is there is not going to change

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

Coveney rules out potential changes to the tentative deal

  • Legal language of withdrawal treaty is not going to change
  • Deal was a "hard-won compromise" for both the UK and the EU
  • Backstop is a negotiated solution that both sides signed up to
At this juncture, it is likely that Theresa May would rather postpone tomorrow's vote in hopes that it would allow her to buy time and negotiate changes with European officials so that she can bring home an improved deal that parliament is seen willing to accept. However, there has been no suggestion that European officials are willing to budge from their stance and that puts May under immense pressure ahead of tomorrow's vote.

It's either she goes through with it and suffers a major defeat or she delays the vote in hopes that something will change down the road, although that appears to be extremely unlikely. Talk about being put between a rock and a hard place.

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