Ireland's Minister of State for European Affairs, Helen McEntee, speaking in a BBC radio interview

  • Border is not just a customs issue, it's also a political issue due to past troubles
  • We are not looking to veto anything, we want to move to Phase 2 of Brexit talks
  • But it's impossible for Phase 2 talks without a concrete agreement to avoid hard border
  • We are nearing "sufficient progress", but we are not there yet
  • Hopes that Phase 2 can take place at EU's December summit
  • Progress was made on Brexit border issue on Thursday and continued into the weekend
  • Brexit border discussions in a "sensitive" place right now
  • We will hold firm on the Irish border issue

Nothing substantial of note coming from the Irish camp. Still talks of "progress", but nothing concrete to show for it.

This remains the stumbling block in Brexit discussions thus far, but we are yet to see any solid evidence that things are actually progressing apart from these talks. She goes on to say that it is possible for talks to get to where they need to be by today. But politicians, eh?

Could be today, could be tomorrow. You get the story. Until something solid surfaces, expect these kinds of talks to continue for a while.

GBP/USD currently trading at 1.3455, bouncing back after a dip to 1.3420 in the last hour.

"We have made progress, but not enough progress". Right.