Much better than last month's reading

  • Employment rose to the highest level since August 2015 at 64.6
  • Quantity of purchases reached an eight month high of 56.3. This came after October's 14- month low at 45.0
  • current revenues came in at a eight month high of 64.3 November, up nearly 20 points from 45.5 in October
  • expected revenues were at 71.4 in November, tying with November 2015 in reaching a 15 month high
  • prices paid increased slightly to 62.5 in November from 6.0 in October. That was a 12 month high and less than the significant increase in current revenues.
  • The 6 month outlook rose to 69.7 from 62.6 in October

Needless to say the values this month whipped around quite a bit. This is limited reaction in the forex market.