Kawase cTrader: A transparent trading platform

Author: Kawase Exchange | Category: News

Traders need to monitor positions, offers and deals closely in order to execute their trading strategies with confidence -and as the market changes at a rapid rate, it's essential for online trading brokers to have a reliable and transparent trading platform.

Kawase's award-winning cTrader platform is just that.

Featuring a host of unprecedented reporting tools, Kawase cTrader is at the forefront of innovation offering cutting-edge trading technology combined with superior trading conditions, so let's take a closer look.

Kawase cTrader - extreme transparency:

50+ fields of information

Trading becomes easier when you can access detailed information about your orders and positions. Traders need key facts at their fingertips to help them make well-informed trading decisions. With Kawase cTrader, users can view over 50 fields of information about each of their positions, order and deals. The comprehensive position breakdown includes:

  • Exact matching times
  • Fill times
  • Fill rates
  • Timelines of related trading events
  • Transparent costs

The technologically superior Kawase cTrader platform also offers a transparent costs display enabling users to see exact trading costs in the 'Swap,' 'Commissions' and 'Closing Commissions' columns. While 'Commissions' shows the charges for the trade that opened your position, 'Closing Commissions' shows the charges for the trade that will close your position. In short, all information is readily available and designed to guide trading decisions.

Accurate market snapshot

Market snapshots show what prices were available at the exact moment a certain deal was executed with millisecond accuracy. To access this information, traders can simply head to the 'Market Snapshot' section of the 'Deal Info' window.

Position timeline

Via the 'Position Info' window, traders can see all orders and deals that created and closed the position as well as the exact number of milliseconds it took for each of the events to be executed. Each event also leads through to its own dedicated information window containing over 50 fields.


Kawase cTrader offers an effective way to keep track of any charge or deposit to your account. All transactions are recorded and are available to view in the 'Transactions' tab accompanied with a note as to why the transaction took place. What's more, the 'Done Orders' window displays all past orders.


Statements display important information such as current open positions, orders and closed deals as well as your total deposits, withdrawals, balance and equity, charges and more. Customize your statements by choosing from various available periods.

Kawase cTrader - licensing and regulation

As a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF), Kawase is licensed by CySEC in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). Kawase is required by law to meet stringent European financial regulations, and is registered with 25 EU regulators. Transparent trading and fair client treatment are at the forefront of the Kawase business model. Strict guidelines around compliance and risk management have resulted in the intuitive and transparent cTrader platform with the above tools making it easy to use for both experienced and beginner traders alike.

To conclude, Kawase cTrader offers industry leading trading conditions and an unmatched level of transparency, enabling traders to enjoy a fair and seamless trading experience.

This release is provided by Kawase, a CySEC regulated provider of CFDs