• The Conference Board Leading Economic Index for Australia down 0.1%

  • Coincident Economic Index up 0.4% in October

The 'prior' for the leading index has been revised lower to -0.3% (from -0.1%)

Leading indicators:

  • Large negative contributions from the sales to inventories ratio component and rural goods exports
  • Positive contribution from share prices (! .... remember, this is for back a few months)
  • Between April and October 2015, the leading economic index decreased 1.3 percent (about a −2.7 percent annual rate), a reversal from the growth of 1.1 percent (about a 2.2 percent annual rate) over the previous six months
  • The strengths among the leading indicators remain slightly more widespread than the weaknesses
  • Four of the seven components increased in October (share prices, money supply, the yield spread, and gross operating surplus)
  • Sales to inventories ratio* component, rural goods exports, and building approvals declined in October

Coincident indicator:

  • Increased 1.4 percent (about a 2.8 percent annual rate) in the six-month period ending October 2015, moderately better than its growth of 1.2 percent (about a 2.5 percent annual rate) over the previous six months
  • All four components that make up The Conference Board CEI for Australia increased in October (employed persons, retail trade, household gross disposable income, and industrial production)


AUD/USD not doing a real lot: