If you haven’t already done so and are looking for some entertainment on this quiet Monday morning, then have a chuckle by watching the video that Dennis posted earlier re Barclays London in the late 80’s.

There were other stories regarding the same Richard Hill doing the rounds around that time.

  • Firstly, that wasn’t his house used in the video. His own place wasn’t fancy enough so he used his bosses country property.
  • Secondly, that he bought himself a new car but after only a few days he woke up one morning to find that his new car was sitting on some bricks with all four tyres missing. He decided to buy himself the latest top of the range chrome specials. He awoke a few days later to find that the new chrome wheels were now missing from his car, replaced by the old set of tyres.

Good stories, doesn’t matter if they’re true or not!