The bitchcoin (I can call it that now, right?


) site Mt. Gox has been served with a U.S. federal subpoena according to the Wall Street Journal (gated)

More here UNGATED:

Late Tuesday, however, The Wall Street Journal reported that federal prosecutors based in New York had served Mt. Gox with a subpoena earlier this month. The report, citing an unnamed person familiar with the matter, said the subpoena included an order for Mt. Gox to preserve certain documents.

  • all trading in the virtual currency on its exchange had been halted
  • gave no information about why its website had been wiped clean of information and all transactions had stopped

Gotta say – (from overnight) I found this funny …

Investors with bitcoins tied up at Mt. Gox have flown from as far away as the U.K. to protest outside the exchange’s offices. Some investors say they have contacted the Financial Services Agency, Japan’s banking watchdog, to ask regulators whether there are any rules protecting Mt. Gox customers

from Wall Street Journal (gated)

I thought the bitchcoin people didn’t like guvinmints sticking their nose in? LOL. I thought that was whole ****in’ point of bitcoin et al? Sheesh ….

ADDED: Japan chief cabinet secretary Suga: Japan authorities gathering information on closure of Mt. Gox