August trade balance, -472m

  • expected -1125m, prior was -692m

August exports, 3.52bn

  • expected 3.20bn, prior was 3.70bn

August imports, 4.00bn

  • expected 4.45bn, prior was 4.40bn

Trade balance 12mths year to date 2018m

  • expected 1360m, prior was 1287m

From Statistics New Zealand:

  • Goods exports rose $227 million in August 2014 compared with August 2013, to $3.5 billion, Statistics New Zealand said today.
  • Live animals led the rise in exports, due to live cattle. Milk powder, butter, and cheese exports also contributed to the increase, led by higher quantities.
  • The 16-percent rise in milk powder, butter, and cheese was led by milk fat and cheese.
  • “Cattle, milk fat, and cheese contributed to the rise in exports,” international statistics manager Jason Attewell said. “It is the first time in three years that a rise in dairy was not led by milk powder.
New Zealand trade balance exports imports 24 September 2014

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