Stocks are near highs. Dow on track for 10th straight up day (9th consecutive record close).

Nothing much is going on in the currency markets:

  • The EURUSD has been in a 18 pip trading range since 8:30 AM ET
  • The GBPUSD took a tumble and bottomed at around 9:30 AM ET, but has traded in a 21 pip trading range since that low.
  • The USDJPY is in a 22 pip range for the NY session.

The S&P is up about 3.62 points at 2480.42 (up 0.15%).

The Nasdaq is up 34 points or 0.54% at 6385

The Dow is going for the 10th straight higher close and the 9th consecutive record close.

US yields are down by less than 1 bp down the curve. 2 year is down -0.3 bp. 10 year is down -0.5 bp. The 30 year is down -0.6 bp.

Just not a heck of a lot going on....