Oil has jumped to $102.17 from $101.40 after Russia announced military drills.

Just now, however, the Kiev Post announced that anti-terror operations have been suspended with Russian amassing troops on the border. They cite a senior security official but it’s not exactly the most highly-trusted website.

Kiev Post

I’m puzzled about why Kiev would start these operations only to kill a few people and then back down. It’s a pointless provocation if they don’t hold the territory they’ve captured.

Update. Here’s the content of the story:

The original plan for Sloviansk today was to recapture the town from separatists, including all government buildings they had taken over, a senior security official told the Kyiv Post. The operation, however, has been halted for the moment as the government is reformulating the plan based on their latest intelligence from the eastern border, the official said.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, the risk of Russian troops crossing the border has increased dramatically, according to a senior security official in the government. The government also confirms that there are seven people dead as a result of the operation. “The separatists are panicking,” the official said.