Speaking on CNBC

Paul to Jones on CNBC

The legendary investor Paul shooter challenges on CNBC, giving his new on the market and the economy:

  • Economic orthodoxy has been turned upside down
  • Has many inflation hedges as he can
  • Calls markets bat crazy right now
  • Sees a green light for stocks if Fed does not move this week
  • I like bitcoin but the market is crazy
  • I like bitcoin is a portfolio diversifier
  • Likes 5% in bitcoin, 5% in cash and 5% and commodities. Does not know what to do with the other % (bitcoin is up $1554 or 4.16% $39,102)
  • I am clearly concerned about the environmental impacts of bitcoin
  • I hope that we will mean revert back to economic orthodox
  • You can argue that with $120 million pace of QE, the NASDAQ would be up 20% by the end of the year
  • If the Fed is nonchalant at the meeting and stays the course, would go all in on the inflation trades (gold, commodities). If they taper, we will have a taper tantrum.