She said the same thing yesterday

Pelosi is holding her weekly press conference. She's due to meet with Mnuchin on a stimulus deal later today.

She had a call with Democrats today and she reportedly didn't sound optimistic and Politico described the chances of a deal as 'grim'.


  • Still optimistic but Democrats and Republicans far apart on state and local aid
  • Two sides coming closer on health provisions but 'language' is still an issue
  • Not in agreement on how to aid small businesses
  • Hopes House will vote on updated HEROES bill to show how Democrats would allocate COVID-19 resources

That last line is telling to me. A vote from the House washes their hands of it for now.

  • Pelosi says she's expecting a counter offer from the administration
  • Reiterates she does not believe something is better than nothing when it comes to a Covid relief bill
  • Declines to say these are the last talks before election, says she will never say it's the last chance

A separate report from Politico says the administration thinks they're getting a counter-offer from here. Looks like no one is getting an offer.