PM Johnson addressing Covid. GBPUSD is at 1.4110

PM Johnson is addressing Covid:

  • All tests to ease lockdown restrictions next week risks possibility of thousands more avoidable deaths
  • Sensible to wait just a little longer
  • Reduce dosing intervals of Covid vaccines for over 40s
  • Seeing cases growing by 64% a week
  • We know the remorseless logic of exponential growth
  • Will delay end of England lockdown to July 19
  • Confident England lockdown will not go past July 19
  • Rules on weddings in England to be relaxed from June 21
  • Being cautious now will save many thousands of lives
  • Reserves the right to review progress and left restrictions earlier

The move was telegraphed so there has been little in the way of movement in the GBPUSD. The pair is trading at 1.4112 just a few pips from the time he started to speak.