Puigdemont presser underway 31 Oct

  • part of Catalan govt will stay in Catalonia to carry on with political activities
  • has come to Brussels to put fwd Catalan issue in heart of Europe
  • accepts democratic challenge of 21 Dec elections
  • not seeking asylum in Belgium
  • will return to Catalonia when given guarantees

Call me old fashioned by Rajoy and many others, inc Catalans, are not in forgiving/compromise mood right now.

I had the start of the presser here

IBEX fell slightly at the outset but now up 0.9%. EURUSD unfazed at 1.1634 as is EURGBP at 0.8803 and EURJPY 131.90

The BBC earlier reported that Puigdemont is in Belgium with five of his cabinet

  • Meritxell Serret, agriculture minister
  • Antoni Comín, health minister
  • Dolors Bassa, labour minister
  • Meritxell Borrás, governance minister
  • Joaquim Forn, interior minister