Some people in the Scottish referendum have already voted by post … and some of them have ‘voters remorse’ (if that’s such a thing):

  • Out of the 4.2 million referendum voters, almost 800,000 registered to vote by post.
  • Many are from remote communities like Fetlar island in the far north of the Shetlands. This small island only has 71 residents and no voting station.
  • Murray Cooper moved from England to the island to retire. He’s been here for five years and voted No, but regrets it.
    “If I could vote now, I would definitely vote Yes,” he said.
    “Since I sent my ballot in about a week ago, so much has happened what with the party leaders coming up, new powers, more clarity from the Yes campaign on certain things.
    “I’m quite angry that my vote has been wasted but I think the Yes will win anyway so I’m happy about that.”

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The latest poll has the ‘Nos’ out in front (just). (In front by a nose?)