The serious and abhorrent nature of the chemical weapons attack aside, by whichever faction, the threat of military action in retaliation is rapidly taking on a farcical nature given the gung-ho rhetoric in the immediate aftermath.

Farcial yet in many ways sobering as the UK govt suffers an historical defeat in parliament and US President Obama, for political nuance which may yet backfire, chooses to consult Congress and thus delay any imminent strikes.

Now the French intererior minister Valls says unsurprisingly that France cannot/will not act alone and needs the support of a coalition.President Hollande reaffirmed to Obama on Saturday his will to punish Syria but has come under increasing pressure himself to put the intervention to parliament.

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So the delays continue which will mean a further reduced safe-haven need being played out in the markets, but the Syrian crisis will continue to cast a dark shadow for some time yet.