There are now 19 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Thailand

This is starting to be a more common development across most countries now but I think the more pressing issue is that we are continuing to see businesses and travel be quite heavily affected by the concerns and fears.

In Hong Kong, many banks are announcing temporary closures of their bank branches and leader Carrie Lam says that Chinese visitor arrivals have fallen by 91% yesterday.

Chinese markets may be slated to open next week but we may face a situation where they could be in for a world of hurt because there will be many Chinese businesses who will not be operating and the economy certainly won't be running at full capacity any time soon.

Just keep in mind that we still have no good way of quantifying the economic impact of the virus just yet but the longer this drags on, the more it is going to weigh not just on the Chinese economy, but the global economy as well.