September 8, 2016. The AUD is the strongest. The USD is the weakest

A snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies as North American traders enter for the day, show the AUD is the strongest while the USD is the weakest.

The Australian trade balance showed less a deficit than expectations and China showed increases in its import and exports but the move in the AUDUSD started to move later with most gains occurring during the European session. The AUDUSDs highest close in August was at 0.7700 (highest close since April 26th actually). The price has moved above that level in trading today. There are buyers it seems. The EUR is also doing better. The ECB left rates unchanged. Waiting on Draghi (see Ryan's post here) to see if the gains will be kept, or given back.

The weakest currency is the USD today. It is in the red vs. all the major currencies today but the losses against the GBP, JPY, CAD and NZD are minimal. Most of the activity has been against the EUR, CHF and AUD.