The AUD is the strongest. The GBP is the weakest.

The snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies as NA traders enter for the day show that the AUD is the strongest while the GBP is the weakest. The USD has risen against all the major currencies with the exception of the AUD. The NZDUSD is near unchanged from yesterday's levels. The GBP saw production numbers better but trade not so good despite the sharp fall in the GBP (read Ryans's post here)

A look at the changes from yesterday (top chart) and ranges (lower chart below) show the major currency pairs are moving away from the unchanged line in the direction of US dollar strength (near extreme levels as NY traders enter). The commodity currencies are more near unchanged.

  • The US stocks are little changed in pre-market trading with the S*P futures down -2.25 points, the Nasdaq is up a small 0.5 points . The Dow futures are down 3 points.
  • Spot gold is up about $0.90 or 0.07% to 1188.74
  • Crude oil futures are +$0.16 or +0.33% after a weak start this week.
  • European stocks are little changed with the Dax up 0.26% The UK FTSE is unchanged, France's CAC is -0.05% Spains IBEX is -0.21%
  • US debt yields are unchanged across the yield curve
  • German 10 years are +4.8 bp, France 10 year is -2.2 bp. Italy is down -1.2 bp. UK is down 1.3 bp

Crude oil inventories will be released today.

Donald Trump will hold a press conference. The Russian intelligence on Trump will certainly be a topic. I guess if tweets are a wildcard, so would be a press conference.