“It seems to me, that this is all Insider trading now. News and information is being leaked out before the day of release. ECB did it, and FED is doing it as well. Price action is showing this clearly. Market movers/ big boys who have access to this information, are moving the markets before the actual events happen. This is utter BS. There is no way for normal trader to trade anymore. Rinse and Repeat is the formula. Setup meetings in future behind closed doors, then leak the information to the guys who pay for it, move market, rip off normal traders, playing like they say it, ‘smart money’. utter %$#^” – Comment from a follower on www.forexlive.com.

The Traders Course with Greg Michalowski
Topic: “Making insignificant, significant”

REGISTRATION LINK: https://fxddwebinars.omnovia.com/register/13201345732433

In the last webinar, I warned that retail traders need to avoid the blow up trades in order to survive and gave a list of ways to “stay in the game”.

Many retail traders feel that regardless of the blow up trades, that the deck is still stacked against them. That is, the institutions, larger traders or “Big Boys” will win in the long run, at the expense of the retail trader. The retail trader is for lack of a better word…. insignificant.

The “Big Boys do have a distinct advantage over retail, but that does not mean you are destined to fail. What is the solution that will allow retail traders to become significant in the forex market.

In this webinar, I will look at this problem and propose solutions for this retail trader dilemma. Join me today at 4 PM ET and find out how you can play with the Big Boys (and not get beat up).