Interview headlines crossing the wires.

  • 3% economic growth certainly not achievable this year
  • achieving 3% growth will require Trumps tax, regulatory,, trade and energy reforms to be in place for several months
  • USD is not too strong, other currencies are too weak
  • Stronger trade enforcement actions are major tool for fixing trade deficits
  • Commerce department is already working on some self initiated anti-dumping and anti-subsidy cases on behalf of US industry
  • Trump administration's plan to renegotiate NAFTA have her Mexican peso, exasperating US trade deficit amid congressional delays in starting talks
  • United States wants to fix WTO rules that allow wildly divergent tariffs among members,, says WTO dispute resolution system to slow
  • trade deficits are not the disease, bbut a symptom of a lack of good US manufacturing jobs
  • even with fair trading system, United States could still see some blameless trade deficits due to oil import needs