US DATA: Initial unemploy claims +78k to 439k in Nov 10 wk, reflecting
hurricane effects in several states (NSA +104,548, esp in mid-Atlantic).
Claims could dip ahead (Nov 11 holiday, which also prevented 3 states
from reporting this wk) and probably should be ignored for a time.

Oct CPI +0.1%, with core +0.2% (+0.1796% unrounded) for +2.2% YOY
overall and +2.0% YOY core. Food +0.2% as dairy had a 3rd jump and
meats-fish and fruits-veggies also rose. Energy -0.2% after sharp gains
in Aug & Sept, led by -0.6% gas (-2.1% NSA); nat gas was -0.2%. In core,
OER +0.2% and higher hotel costs boosted shelter, apparel +0.7% as
women’s and girls’ clothing jumped, and airfares +2.4% in a second gain
boosted the total; used cars -0.9% and new cars -0.1%, and recreation
-0.2% (tv prices fell) were offsets. Overall, about as expected.