• Japan Tertiary Industry Index (survey 0.4%, prior -0.8%).@ 23:50 GMT.
  • Japan Domestic CGPI y/y (survey -1.4%, prior -1.8%), m/m (survey 0.2%, prior 0.3%). @ 23:50 GMT.
  • G7 Finances ministers meet in Tokyo.
  • IMF, World Bank Group Annual and Spring Meetings.
  • Australia RBA Credit Card Balances (prior $A 49.7b), Purchases (prior $A21.3b) @ 01:30 GMT.

Not much to on ahead of the weekend with talks going on in Tokyo being the highlight for the evening. How many times will ‘European debt crisis’, Spain and Greek bailouts, slowing global economies, monetary easing policies, austerity measures, strong currencies hurting exports, and let’s throw in unemployment worries for good measure be brought up. TGIF!

Good luck today.


Forgot about the ‘fiscal cliff.’