The incumbent government is behind in the polls, the leader of the opposition, Anthony Albanese is tipped to be elected as the new Prime Minister.

Albanese spoke with local media. Given his position in the polls I thought it best to pass along his current plan to address fiscal issues as told to the media today:

  • he expected the Labor caucus to meet on May 30 to elect ministers
  • in the meanwhile will govern with Senator Wong, the duumvirate could remain for 10 days
  • the new parliament would likely sit in June
  • and new Treasurer Jim Chalmers would deliver a ministerial statement on the state of the budget and the outlook for the economy, ahead of a new 2022-23 budget in October

The election is May 21, so he has not yet won, and may not given polls have got it wrong quite regularly in the past. But, posting this to be prepared.

The contenders, Albanese & Morrison

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