China disinfecting mail

Multiple unrelated outbreaks are ongoing in Beijing, health officials said today after announcing 7 new symptomatic cases and 5 asymptomatic cases.

“There are clusters from two different sources. The first one was infected by international mail. There are five local cases of Omicron and they are all in Haidian district,” Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said.

“Another cluster was infected by the cold chain, and they are Delta cases. There are 13 symptomatic cases and five asymptomatic cases. They are found in Chaoyang, Fengtai, and Fangshan districts,” she said, describing the situation as “complicated and severe”.

Experts question the mail theory and that suggests there's an unknown chain of infection and doubt infections from frozen food as well. We're now 14 days away from the opening ceremonies.

Today, IMF leader Georgieva was asked if it was time for China to move away from covid-zero policies and she hinted that it was.