Info via Reuters citing excerpts of an article to be published by the Belfast Telegraph newspaper which were released late on Sunday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

  • wants to resolve the stalemate with the European Union over Northern Ireland's post-Brexit trade rules
  • but if this cannot be done he has kept open the option of unilateral action

Johnson due to travel to Belfast on Monday

  • will urge local political leaders to form a new power-sharing government
  • "There is without question a sensible landing spot in which everyone's interests are protected," he said. "Our shared objective must be to the create the broadest possible cross-community support for a reformed Protocol in 2024."
  • "I hope the EU's position changes," he said in his newspaper article. "If it does not, there will be a necessity to act." "The government has a responsibility to provide assurance that the consumers, citizens and businesses of Northern Ireland are protected in the long-term. We will set out a more detailed assessment and next steps to parliament in the coming days”.

Here is a link to the Reuters piece which has a background and more.

Brexit ping pong clown show continues.

UK PM Johnson playing table tennis
UK PM Johnson