You'll recall the chatter of fear of China shooting down US House Speaker Pelosi's plane should she visit the independent nation of Taiwan. China opposes Taiwan's freedom and wants to invade the country - its one of the reasons for China's dictatorship's 'no limits' support of the Russian dictatorship's brutal destruction of Ukraine.

China has once again warned Pelosi on her travel plans. Via Reuters:

  • China delivered sterner warnings to U.S. officials about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's possible visit to Taiwan, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday, confirming a report by the Financial Times (FT).
  • The FT report, published on Saturday, cited six people familiar with the Chinese warnings as saying they were significantly stronger than the threats that Beijing has made in the past when it was unhappy with U.S. actions or policy on Taiwan,

Another sign of rising ugly tensions between the US and China. One side threatening violence against the other is worrisome indeed. Thankfully the US has not escalated the threats.

Other market worries as we open the new week are:

A sign of the weakness in China's economy:

US Fed hawkishness in its battle with inflation :

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