China is not convincing anyone that everything is just fine in its losing battle with coronavirus outbreaks.

Reuters with this from overnight, saying major industrial hub of Shenzion ordered 100 major companies including iPhone maker Foxconn to set up "closed-loop" systems as it battles COVID-19. Citing a document attributed to the local government circulating online on Monday.

Reuters says it could not independently verify the document adding that a notice it sighted at a Shenzhen office of oil giant CNOOC said that the building would be closed for seven days until July 31, with staff to work from home and continue with daily COVID testing.

Firms and officials in China are too afraid to speak candidly:

  • A CNOOC spokesperson did not have an immediate comment.
  • The Shenzhen government did not respond to a request for comment.
  • Taiwan-based Foxconn said that operations at its Shenzhen facilities were "normal" and that it would follow government guidelines to ensure safe production.
Hong Long is forthright: