Goldman Sachs has cut its forecast for 2022 China GDP to 4% from 4.5% y/y

  • & has cut the Q2 estimate to 1.5% y/y (from 4%)

Goldman Sachs says it assumes:

  • Full-year growth is based on the assumption that Covid will remain mostly under control
  • that the property market improves
  • the government boosts infrastructure spending

The Chinese government's forecast for GDP growth this year is 'around 5.5%'

  • to get close GS says “it is imperative to keep Covid under control and avoid hard lockdowns of major economic centres like Shanghai going forward”

ps. Love this from GS a little further on in the note. The economists at GS say the government could hit its growth target if it uses “statistical smoothing.”

  • revisions to previous years’ GDP or “deviations of current year’s GDP growth from alternative measures of economic activity can sometimes take place in difficult growth years,”


This is worth a shot. The next time you come home drunk tell your wife you are not drunk when its 'statistically smoothed'.

angry wife

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